Case Study: Beachcomber Hotel & Resort

Blog | January 17th, 2024

Quick Look:

System size: 150kW
Annual output: 570MWh
CO2 reduction: 404 tonnes
Projected annual savings: $30,340
ROI: 3.1 years


About Beachcomber Hotel & Resort

The Beachcomber Hotel & Resort is an iconic waterfront destination located in the heart of the Central Coast, Toukley. With sweeping waterfront views, Hamptons-inspired ambience, boutique-style accommodation, an exclusive pool-club and multiple eateries and bars, it’s no wonder the Beachcomber Hotel & Resort is busy year-round.


The Challenge

Beachcomber Hotel & Resort strategically embarked on the path to solar transition for multifaceted reasons, driven by the goal of making a substantial eco-friendly impact and significantly reducing reliance on conventional energy sources.

This strategic shift is poised to yield substantial long-term cost savings. Looking ahead, Beachcomber Hotel & Resort envisions reinvesting these savings to enhance guest experiences within their bistro and recreational areas.

For Beachcomber Hotel & Resort, the embrace of solar power extends beyond merely reducing the carbon footprint; it’s a purposeful initiative to align their brand with principles of environmental responsibility and economic efficiency, setting the stage for a sustainable and customer-centric future.


The Solution

Beachcomber Hotel & Resort’s collaboration with Solar Energy Enterprises, renowned for a proven track record in implementing large-scale solar systems.

We began with a thorough energy audit, diving deep into the nuances of Beachcomber Hotel & Resort’s energy consumption patterns, identifying peak usage times, and pinpointing areas for enhancement.

Following this, we designed a tailored solar system is meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of Beachcomber Hotel & Resort. This includes strategic placement of solar panels, considering factors such as sunlight exposure and available space.


The panels selected for the Beachcomber Hotel & Resort installation were the YL540D-49e 1500V ½ from Yingli Solar.

Yingli Solar is a smart PV energy solution provider integrating PV technology R&D, intelligent manufacturing, and development, construction and operation of power plants. Headquartered in Baoding, Hebei Province, Yingli Solar has many bases in Baoding, Tianjin, Hengshui and other cities. The company boasts over 2 decades of industry experience and a worldwide marketing network.

Designed with high-efficiency P-type monocrystalline PERC cell technology, the YL540D-49e 1500V ½ panels were chosen thanks to their excellent durability; high reliability; superior, backside yield.  


At Beachcomber Hotel & Resort, we installed the Sungrow SG110CX inverter. A 110kW three phase string inverter. As the worlds second largest manufacturer of industrial and utility inverters, Sungrow offer a wide range of string inverters and central inverters designed for larger MW scale installations.

The Sungrow SG110CX inverter was chosen due to the following features:

Exceptionally high yield of up to 9 MPPTs with max. efficiency 98.7%

  • Cable free communication with optional WLAN
  • Touch free commissioning and remote firmware upgrade
  • Fuse free design with smart string current monitoring
  • IP66 and C5 anti-corrosion grade


The Results

The results of installing solar at the Ambarvale Hotel have been both swift and outstanding.

  1. Immediate Cost Savings: The implementation of solar energy systems led to immediate cost savings, with annual electricity cost reductions of $28,640.
  2. Impressive ROI: The return on investment (ROI) for the Ambarvale Hotel solar projects is just 2.8 years, providing a substantial return on their initial investment.
  3. Sustainable Energy: With a CO2 reduction of 404 tonnes, this is the equivalent of planting 6,840 trees or taking 114 cars off the road for an entire year.

Embarking on a journey toward sustainability, the Beachcomber Hotel & Resort has strategically embraced solar technology, aligning with their steadfast commitment to eco-conscious practices. This decision not only underscores their dedication to environmental responsibility but has also yielded considerable annual savings on electricity costs.

With solar energy taking center stage in meeting a substantial portion of their power requirements, the group is making significant strides towards achieving their environmental goals. Simultaneously, they are reaping the rewards of improved financial returns.

Interested in knowing how much your business could be saving with solar? Contact us today for a no obligation quote.


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