Are you using energy throughout the day?


Do you have a warehouse, factory, shop or shopping centre with a huge roof space?

Your roof space could be saving your business $10,000s every year!


Depending on the energy rate you pay your electricity retailer, your Return on Investment with solar can be as little as 3 years.

We have options that allow you to install solar, with no upfront cost, and ensure that  your ongoing combined solar and energy cost is equal to or less than your current monthly energy bill.

Install Electric Vehicle charging stations in your business

Save $100,000 fuelling your business car fleet

Attract customers to your location

Attract forward thinking staff

Demonstrate your dedication to reducing your carbon footprint.


Partnering with one of the largest networks across Australia, our clients get the best value for money and the latest in technology when in comes to charging electric vehicles.


Pay only for the energy used, charging electric vehicles at a fraction of the cost of petrol. Link them to your solar system for even greater benefits.


Our stations recharge electric vehicles faster than a standard power socket.


Our stations are easy to use and compatible with all electric vehicles.


Safe and Long Life Energy Storage!

Improve your Return on Investment by storing any unused energy for when you need it!


Building Owners
An embedded network allows building owners or operators to bulk buy energy. Significant savings to you and tenants, improved return on assets, and an extra revenue stream for body corporate are all possible.

Suitable for shopping complexes, residential high-rise, commercial & industrial parks, and retirement, lifestyle and academic communities.

Tenants can purchase discounted bulk bought energy through the embedded network in their building, or buy from a standard retailer.

For small or larger businesses:
1. Modular design for easy installation and product swap
2. Can be installed indoors or outdoors
3. Intelligent Battery Management System alerting to any problems in your system

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