SEE continues to demonstrate that innovation and success in clean energy aren’t only about the product—it’s about having the right partnerships in place to stay at the forefront of efficient solutions. From products and trade to finance, through our partnerships we have all bases covered, allowing us to deliver the best solution for you.

Our strategic partnership with Deloitte is a highly effective way to build our business with a mutually beneficial arrangement between the two companies. Deloitte’s strengths are based on many years of practical experience implementing emerging technologies and accelerating lead times to generate revenue streams. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to build a long-standing relationship with Deloitte, and to use this experience to further improve our solar solutions. Deloitte will help Solar Energy Enterprises accelerate Australia’s transition to a renewable energy future.

Securing finance with the right finance partner centres around the careful science of matchmaking. As we all know, one of the fundamental elements of a successful partnership is compatibility. This is no different when developing finance solutions for the solar industry. Macquarie and Solar Energy Enterprises have partnered to support the rollout of solar projects with flexible funding programs. We work hard to ensure that our programs fulfil the mission, vision and values of our partners so we can achieve our shared vision and improve the quality of life for people, and for your business.