Solar Energy and Solar Panels: What are Their Benefits in Our Modern World?

Blog | April 4th, 2018 Free energy from the sun, that’s the first benefit that comes to mind when solar panels are mentioned. Compared to dirty fossil fuels, the coal or oil-fueled combustibles that spin turbines in far-removed power stations, there’s no denying the appeal of solar energy. Grid independence, another tempting advantage, is where we enter this introductory post. After all, self-sufficient homes can’t be impacted by changing electricity tariffs, right? A Self-Contained Energy Source Pulled from the sky, the radiated energy comes directly from the sun. As long as that floating ball of fire is up there, clean and free energy flows in the photovoltaic cells. Even when the sun is obscured by clouds or has dropped below the horizon for the night, rechargeable batteries are available to keep the electrical power flowing. No power lines are required, not when banks of light-to-power converting photovoltaic cells are mounted nearby. Used in rural areas and difficult to access land parcels, efficient solar panels work when cables can’t. Clean Electrical Power In this day and age, the fossil fuels that power our every need are considered environmentally harmful. They release poisonous emissions, damage the atmosphere, and produce nasty byproducts. Acid rain, a consequence of coal-burning power stations, hurts our planet. Happily, solar panels produce sustainable and clean electricity. There are no emissions here, just sustainable power. And what’s meant by that term? What is sustainable energy? Well, essentially, this is cost-free electricity. The voltages and currents are derived from freely available sunlight, a resource that’ll never burn out. That’s a quality that can’t be assigned to fossil fuels, which will run out once we’ve removed the last block of coal or barrel of oil. Feel the Immediate Benefits Besides being sustainable and renewable, what do solar panels have to offer an everyday home? Well, bank balances suffer when electricity tariffs spike. Back at a solar-powered home, sunlight isn’t a company or government-charged commodity, so there are no hidden, ever-varying costs to grapple with every month. Furthermore, this is a low-maintenance solution, an array of tilted solar panels that only requires an occasional cleanliness check. Think about this while solar panels rise on countless new structures, the notion that this clean energy source will pay for itself in a few short years. Then, once the initial costs are offset, the newly equipped structure will receive free power, free heating, and the owner’s freely expressed feelings of environmental patronage. Remember, that’s 6.5 billion years of clean energy burning in the sky. Use it while it lasts.  

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