The Future of Parking is Here: Solar Energy Enterprises Solar Car Parking Systems

Blog | July 13th, 2022

Just like conventional covered car parks, solar car parks provide customers’ and staff members’ cars with shelter and protection from the elements.

However, unlike normal car parks, solar car parks are a unique and innovative solution, generating clean, renewable energy in the form of solar power. They also provide businesses with a guaranteed way to reduce their electricity bills, and delivering a return on investment for a traditionally non-profit capital expense.

So what are the advantages of Solar Car Parking Systems?

Solar car parks are a great way for businesses to reap the benefits of commercial solar and have a typical ROI of between 4 – 7 years (including the structure), with 25+ years of expected solar energy generation.

A Solar Car Parking System can provide the following advantages:

  • Reduced electricity costs
  • Additional income stream that can be capitalised
  • Increased asset value
  • Increased rental income
  • Strong visual impact of company sustainability action
  • Greatly reduced CO2 emissions increase NABERS rating
  • Modern aesthetics and highly durable
  • Future proof for EV charging demand

How can Strata Owners and Landlords benefit further from a Solar Car Parking System?

Solar Car Parking Systems also provide an additional benefit for landlords and strata owners, as you are able to install a solar car park and sell the solar energy the system generates to tenants at the gazetted rate.

This provides a revenue stream to the landlord/strata owner, as they’re receiving payment for solar power that was essentially free to generate. This revenue can be used to pay off the solar car park, offset levies, further contribute to a sinking fund, or pay for additional upgrades to increase the attractiveness of the site.

Why choose Solar Energy Enterprises for your Solar Car Parking System?

Solar Energy Enterprises provide an advanced custom solar system design with end to end design, installation and connection services. Our solar car parking systems are designed and manufactured in Australia, for Australian conditions, with a solution to cover all wind regions, offering the most cost effective and stylish option for all types of car parks. Our structures possess a modern and pleasing aesthetic to transform your car park into a stylish solar powerhouse.

Solar Energy Enterprises designs each Solar Car Parking System to ensure the unique specifications and requirements of each site are taken into account, including: 

  • Site Orientation
  • Optimum Cost Efficiency
  • Energy Density
  • Product Selection
  • Installation Parameters

If you’re interested in learning more about what investing in a Solar Car Parking System could do for your business, give our friendly and knowledgable team a call on (02) 8318 4600.

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